Investment Criteria


  • $300 – $800 million equity investment per transaction.
  • Moderate use of leverage
  • Majority ownership with management participation
  • Return objective consistent with strategic rather than financial buyers
  • No turnaround or distressed assets

Industry/ Markets

  • Growth industries with positive, long-term underlying macro trends and drivers.
  • Attractive competitive dynamics
  • Sectors of focus include healthcare, technology, advanced industrial, business services.

Company- Specific

  • Revenues > $50 million
  • Sustainable long-term organic growth profile
  • Proven, strong structural/unit economic profitability
  • Cash flow positive preferred today, required over time
  • US or Nordic headquarters
  • Platform businesses with proven business model
  • Sustainable competitive advantage (e.g. brand power, technology differentiation, high switching costs)


Value Proposition

  • Long-term focus on value creation and indefinite holding period
  • Low reliance on leverage
  • Global network of companies and people
  • Strong capital base to support growth initiatives (both organic and M&A)
  • Established, highly — referenceable investor with strong reputation and track record of success

For Owners/Seller

  • Price competitive given long-term holding period and approach to value
  • Streamlined process with no financing contingencies
  • Reputation for integrity and transparency

For Management

  • Strong operating flexibility enabled by capital depth, moderate leverage, and long holding horizon.
    • Management incentive plan allowing management to share in value creation at predefined exit windows
    • Ability to invest in value-creating initiatives
    • Opportunity to pursue strategic transactions
  • Minimal process distraction to management — continuous focus on value maximization
  • Global network of Investor AB and Wallenberg family contacts.

Case Studies

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Aptalis Pharma

Aptalis Pharma is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company providing innovative therapies for unmet medical needs, including gastrointestinal disorders and cystic fibrosis.

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BlueArc Corporation

BlueArc is a provider of scalable, high performance, network storage systems for the enterprise and data intensive markets, such as electronic discovery, entertainment, internet services and life sciences.

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Ception Therapeutics

When Investor Growth Capital first invested, Ception Therapeutics was a development-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on inflammatory diseases.

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